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10 Not Shitty Things To Give To The People You Love This Christmas

Let's not kid ourselves. Since birth we have been stuck in a cycle giving and receiving truly shitty Christmas presents:- from re-gifted garden ornaments to a nasty old tin of 'biscuits'. This year, it's time for change. Together we can stop disappointing everyone we know with rubbish gifts.

1. Coffee On-The-Go

amazon.com / Via amazon.com

Know someone who can't function without their morning coffee? Make your workplace more enjoyable by ensuring that even the crankiest non-morning person can get their espresso on the go. Compact and featherweight the MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker is a small, light and versatile handheld espresso machine with an innovative design and powerful extraction pressure for a rich and bold espresso. Hopefully they'll be so impressed, they'll make you one too!

2. A Travel Wallet

palmeraapparel.com / Via palmeraapparel.com

Everyone has a friend who is rarely home for Christmas because they're always *travelling*, so when they finally do make it home who better than to gift a slim travel wallet? Australian boutique store Palmera Apparel's offering is made from full grain leather and has 8 card slots, a safe passport pocket (with RFID blocking lining) & a sleeve for tickets/notes/sweet mementos. Bonus points for the environmentally friendly gift box too!

3. Socks (Yes, seriously...)

lastylerush.com / Via lastylerush.com

No longer are socks the most boring Christmas gift you could possibly force upon a poor, unsuspecting loved one. Swedish brand, Happy Socks feature an almost endless variety of creative colours, patterns & shapes to suit even the fussiest of family & friends. From cool collabs with everyone from Snoop Dogg to a cute-as-anything Minecraft edition there’s no doubt these socks won’t be left at the bottom of the drawer.

4. A 'Grow Your Own...' Kit

seedsheets.com / Via seedsheets.com

Some people enjoy the gift of a memorable experience, while others prefer straight up free shit, so ponder this... Why not have both? Seedsheet has created cool container gardens so you can grow (and then, most importantly, eat) everything from hot sauce to cocktails to caprese salads. They even have a grow your own taco kit! All of this with no actual need for a garden?! I'll take 3...

5. A Card Wallet

palmeraapparel.com / Via palmeraapparel.com

Gone are the days of lugging around huge velcro wallets stuffed full of Blockbuster Video cards & old receipts. Ditch the 'Dad wallet' and get a minimalist card holder for your male (and female) pals. Gold Coast boutique Palmera Apparel's card wallet is made from full grain cow hide and features super slim RFID blocking which protects from card skimming & identity theft. Don't worry, it still carries up to 8 credit cards with a middle sleeve for notes. Win!

6. A Killer Game

kitaccessories.co.uk, kitaccessories.co.uk / Via kitaccessories.co.uk

The easy way to make sure that you're buying someone an actually great gift is just to ask yourself the simple question "Would I buy this for myself?". In this case the answer is a definite yes. For days when you don’t really want to adult, hit up Arcade's exciting battle drone game. A two-player game that challenges your friends and family to drone wars by aiming and shooting at your enemy, they have built-in infrared lasers (Yes, lasers!) which you can use to shoot the other drone down. Prepare for all out war!

7. A Subscription Box

bellabox.com.au / Via bellabox.com.au

Give your loved one something they can treasure all year round with an #ontrend subscription box. Bellabox (for her) sends your gal pal a selection of 5+ handpicked samples directly to her door every month and Bellobox (for him) sends him 8+ grooming samples every quarter. With samples from brands like Benefit, Lush, Essie, Carmex & Gillette you are sure to find some amazing products. Anything you love you can then buy at the Bellabox shop which features a wide range of the best and latest beauty brands - All delivered right to their doorstep. Easy!

8. A Watch


palmeraapparel.com / Via palmeraapparel.com

In the world of accessories, there's no going past a timeless timepiece (try saying that 5 times, fast). Whether it's for your sibling, S.O, work Secret Santa or your bestie a unisex watch is a classic statement. The Australian designed Palmera Apparel watches are the perfect combination of minimalist style and functionality featuring a stainless steel case, genuine leather band and Japanese quartz movement. The best bit? You won't have to break into your piggy-bank to afford one!

9. An Instant Camera

amazon.com / Via amazon.com

Get happy snapping with your most extra friend with this Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Instant Camera. It comes with a built in front facing mirror & can take brighter pictures with a soft look - perfect for selfies. The Instax Mini 9 prints pics instantly and comes in 5 different colours: Flamingo Pink, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue and Smokey White.

10. Minimal Bluetooth Speakers

amazon.com / Via amazon.com

If your loved one is all about *aesthetics*, they're going to love this EMIE Bluetooth speaker. "Solo One" is portable, elegant and provides generous high-quality sound output. The built in rechargeable battery ensures up to 3 hours play time and the speaker can be easily connected to the power if the party goes until dawn. Plus, it looks pretty damn cool.