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Hi all!  

It has been approximately three months since we launched Palmera Apparel, and so far we have had a lot of interest, especially in our very affordable slim leather wallets.

To date we've been averaging over 100 orders a week which is fantastic for a small operation of our size.

In terms of things to come, we are looking at some design changes to our slim leather wallets, particularly including a new lining (photos to come soon), using a softer cow hide leather, and deeper palms embossing.

Also - after a long wait and multiple suppliers and designs - 250 Palmera Classic watches are currently being produced, and will be made available in August 2015.  The watches are of very high quality, with stainless steel casing and leather bands, and will be available with black and tan bands that are interchangeable.  

Finally - I'll be travelling to London in June to launch operations there, with initially wallets available for purchase in the UK with free shipping.

Thanks for your support.