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All About the Investment

Fashion is frivolous, but your accessories shouldn’t be...

Palmera Classic Watch - Black on Black

There’s no denying that most wardrobe items cost a pretty penny. Whether you’re a high-street shopper or a designer label lover, fashion comes with a mark up and the “quality versus quantity” debate often denotes that both parties make use of their credit cards equally.

As the seasons change and trends come and go, it is important to have a fashion foundation of solid basics including crisp white shirts, fitted jackets, LBD (for women) and navy slacks (for men) to name a few. From this base, trend pieces can be added to both embellish and update an outfit to reflect the time and pop culture influences of the world we live in. Statement pieces also help build our personal portfolio of style where labels such as femme, rock and roll, classic, conservative, beach or boho are adopted.

Similar to your garments, your accessory-drobe should also be divided into “trends” and “classics” with majority of your money and time invested into those everyday adornements. Items such as a watch, wallet, bag and belt stand the test of time and will be just as popular now as they will be in 5, 10, 15 years time.

To ensure value for money and longevity, core accessories should be kept simple, minimal and neutral where quality materials and functional design surpass trendy colours, prints and patterns. Leather, stainless steel, solid hardware and simple silhouettes are your best bet where colours of black, white, tan and navy will work for all occasions and genders.

When it comes to jewellery, rings, necklaces, pendants, bangles and cuffs are often influenced by trends but sentimental pieces will always remain in style.

As the years pass, your age, body shape and personal preferences change and we outgrow our favourite clothes and shoes. Accessories are the ultimate investment as they remain with us over the years and help define our sense of personal style.

If chosen correctly, that leather-bound watch, plaited belt, slim-line wallet or solid gold ring will work with every outfit, on every occasion, over the years and you will pass it onto future generations as “money well spent”.