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Unisex Accessories

Why women and men should be sharing style tips and wardrobes…

Palmera Classic Watch - White on Navy - Minimalist Style

What once was a predominantly female domain, the “Accessory Department” has now become a gender-neutral playground for fashionable women AND men. In the age of leather, layering and beach-bohemian influences, bracelets, rings, scarves, watches and wallets have all undergone an androgynous makeover where femme and masculine aesthetics no longer have a place in our current wardrobes.

Dubbed “the year of the accessory” by yours truly, 2016 has witnessed a shift in the fashion world with garments merely a backdrop for a myriad of adornments and embellishments. From Gucci’s over-the-top styling through to Vuitton’s simple but statement pieces, there’s no denying accessories are firmly at the forefront of all Bloggers, Editors and Designer’s minds.

In an age where men are accessorising more and more, brands and designers alike are fusing their collections to produce a cohesive and simplified range of gender-neutral jewellery, shoes and accessories.

Watches and wallets are the first items to be shared by stylish couples where good quality leathers and classic colour combinations are key.

Watches and wallets have long established equal footing in both male and female arenas as these essential, day-to-day items transition from accessories to necessities. As prices begin to sore for said necessities, the term “Investment Piece” is thrown around and cult status is quickly achieved.

The key is to look for similar style aesthetics from local and lesser known labels such Palmera Apparel who is championing the Androgynous trend with low-key leather wallets and minimalist watches. Styles in shades of tan, black, chocolate and navy are paired with brushed silver or matter black metals for the perfect fusion of fashion and function.

The divide between ‘male’ and ‘female’ is no longer obvious (and neither is the price tag!) and shopping can now be considered legitimate ‘bonding time’. Thank you Palmera Apparel!

By Annabel Falco