Are you known for your bulky wallet?

5 hacks to avoid the ‘Costanza Wallet’

Bulky Wallet George Catstanza

We’re all guilty of having way too many things stuffed into our wallets, right?! From last month’s grocery receipt, to a reward card for a coffee shop in another country, the list of useless items in our wallets is never ending.

Every time we get to the front of a checkout line and begin the 40 second rummage through a pile of uselessness we think to ourselves ‘why have I got $3 worth of 1 cent euro coins still in here,’ but then as soon as we leave the store we forget all about it. 

Never fear, we’re here to give you three hacks to avoid having a bulky wallet for good!


HACK #1: The weekly bulky wallet cull

I need everything in there!” - George Costanza, Seinfeld 

Surely you don’t…How many expired 4c per litre fuel vouchers do you have in your wallet, or receipts you’ve kept in case you want to return something, but now you’ve worn it to splendour, it’s definitely not returnable?!

We challenge you to every Friday afternoon, take a moment to remove all unnecessary items from your bulky wallet. Ask yourself:

  • Is this expired / useless?
  • Do I have numerous of these?
  • Will I actually use this?

Then, divide your pile into the throw out pile (and never look back) and the pile of things which can remain at home. We guarantee you don’t need to carry your old ID card around every day. Instead, keep it at home for safe keeping so you can look back on your atrocious haircut in 10 years’ time.


HACK #2: Choose a suitable wallet

Clearly, we’re big believers in minimalism and, these days, there’s no need to have a bulky wallet. Once you’ve culled your wallet down to your daily essentials, take a look and figure out which cards/receipts need to be physically present.

In Australia, all we really need in our wallets these days is a Drivers Licence, some cash for those coffee shops that have a $5 minimum, and in some cases your Bank Card (Westpac for an example is yet to be compatible with Apple Pay). Almost everything else can now be stored on your digital wallet on your phone. In these wallets you can store your credit, debit, and prepaid cards, store cards, boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, rewards cards, and more… All in one place. How convenient!

Let’s be honest, these days we don’t go anywhere without our phones in our pocket, so there’s no excuse to have a bulky wallet! OK, this is where we’re going to give ourselves a shameless plug. Our Slim Card Wallets are the perfect way to avoid the awkwardness of a bulky wallet. With six card slots, plus a section for your notes, there’s plenty of room for your everyday essentials!


HACK #3: Find a safe storage place for your out of wallet items

So, the real reason why we have a bulky wallet is so we don’t lose that all important receipt or voucher, right? To avoid this and to help organise your stuff a lot better, we suggest investing in a classic business card holder, a Tupperware container or even just a zip lock bag. This way you can store your indispensable cards, receipts, vouchers and more in a safe place, and no longer have to walk around with them in your back pocket every day.


Once you’ve done all of the above, the only challenge is keeping it minimalist! But trust us, once you’ve experienced the slim card wallet life, you won’t go back in a hurry!

Find out more about the Palmera Slim Card Wallet here.