Back to Basics

A time when classics should remain just that… “classic”.
Oversized minimalist watch - White on Brown
Embellished, oversized, integrated, personalised and available in a variety of different colours, today’s watch game is one fraught with options.
This (once) humble accessory has come a long way over the years, where the simple task of telling the time has now morphed into a multi-functional platform where messaging, phone calls, apps and double taps practically call for a bachelor degree in order to operate.
In what could be considered more of a ‘gadget’ than a watch, it seems today’s fashion market are demanding a return to the simple side where a leather band, clean face and neutral colour options are all that is necessary.
As the Minimalist trend continues to sweep the nation, Sport Luxe looks and contemporary influences are “what’s hot” in stores and on the streets. Streamlined sneakers, denim jeans and basic tees in shades of white, black and grey are selling fast where accessorising (if any) is kept quiet.
A classic “men’s style” watch is the adornment of choice for the fashion set; removing all fuss, clutter and chaos in order to let quality and good styling shine through.
Labels such as Calvin Klein and Cartier pioneered (and continue to champion) the “less is more” style of watch where minimal embellishments don’t always equal minimal price tags.
For those looking for similar aesthetics minus the fee, Australian label Palmera Apparel, offers sleek and sophisticated options where a hint of “street” goes a long way.
Oversized frames, clean lines and minimal branding, the Palmera line up incorporates “edge” into the Sport Luxe offering with brushed metals, grain leather and “black on black” possibilities.
With a price tag of $100, Palmera Apparel is fast establishing itself as a game changer in the market, where “the classics” remain aplenty and affordable.


By Annabel Falco

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