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Function Over Fashion

In the age of tech-savvy fraudsters, identity theft and digital sabotage, it’s about time function is introduced to fashion.

Palmera Apparel Slim Leather Card Wallet Holder - RFID Blocking

Not only do you have to worry about your physical goods being stolen, but 2016 has seen the rise of digital pickpockets where criminals are able to swipe your hard earned money and identity without ever touching your wallet.

Astute Designers and Fashion Houses have responded to this crisis with a range of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking accessories that not only combat theft and protect your most valued goods but, (more importantly!), look stylish and on-trend.

Gold Coast label, Palmera Apparel, provides the perfect example of functional yet fashionable merchandise with a range of wallets that are cleverly designed to keep your cards organized, and your details private.

Owner and Founder, David Watts, saw the need for security-protected wallets and responded to the market gap with a range of stylish leather goods fitted with hidden technology that prevents criminals from skimming the details of your credit cards.

In order to better competitors, Watts also considered the design of his range with the blocking mesh doubling as wallet lining, therefore reducing bulk and coordinating with the overall look of the product.

Simple, sleek and with a “street” edge, Palmera Apparel wallets hold their own alongside designer labels with quality leather materials, on-trend colour palettes and embossed branding. To those none the wiser, this range is simply the product of clever design yet the addition of new-age technology sees this brand surpass the rest.

With contactless payment options on the rise, it is time to consider everyday accessory items as more than just an “accessory”, where style and security are of equal consideration.