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Give the gift of style and safety this Christmas

Take the pressure off gift-giving this Christmas...

The best present you can give someone for Christmas is one they will actually use. This year, not only can we guarantee a stylish contribution, you can also give them the gift of safety. Skip the chocolates, socks and high powered blenders and give your loved ones stocking fillers that combine simple style and security.

Slim leather card wallet holder

Palmera Apparel's Christmas offering this year is their super-slim, leather, RFID blocking wallets - Not only the perfect match between minimalistic style and security, but a sure-fire gift on everyone's 2016 wishlist.

What makes Palmera's slim leather wallets so appealing you ask?

Not only are they affordable, but they contain a thin RFID blocking lining, meaning that every card stored in the wallet is secure from unwanted security breaches and identity theft. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a no-contact system that transmits information wirelessly via radio waves. With advances in RFID technology in recent years, these radio waves can be read through clothing and wallets from up to 10 feet away. Thanks to smart card wallets like the Palmera Apparel Slim Card Wallet the recipient of your gift will feel safe from high-tech skimmers.

With a few different styles of wallets to choose from, including a travel wallet, Palmera Apparel has Christmas gift-giving covered. Why not get one your yourself too - you've been good this year after all!

They say that it’s the thought that counts, but why not combine thoughtful with genuinely useful this Christmas?



By Roxy Collingwood