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It's Time For Valentine's Day: Top 5 Gift Ideas For Your Partner

This month you'll be left wondering what exactly is the best to give your significant other.  We have complied the following list of all the best gift ideas for all kinds of budgets perfect for your partner.  


For her: Either blush, lipstick, brushes or eye shadow. We can't deny that these past few years cosmetic products have have been booming (maybe because of Kardashian’s influence) and can be seen on each scroll of our social media accounts. This choice will not fail you, believe me. 

  • FOOD

For him: We can never go wrong with food. Just like what they said, “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach”. Think out of the box and remove chocolate in your list. How about any bacon-based sweet? And if your man doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, try getting him some fancy beef jerky, or maybe steaks or meat. Any of these will do.


For both: We can never go wrong with classic gifts like a belt, tie, hanky, undies or watch. Our Australian designed Palmera Classic is the perfect combination of stainless steel and leather. With a matte black stainless steel case, minimalist design and a genuine leather band, this one is an instant classic. Perfect for him, for her or for the both of you.

Watches - Palmera Classic Watch - Black On Black


  • GO OUT

For both: Valentine ’s Day can be a day of adventure for the both of you. Why not wear your hiking shoes and explore nature, discover that local town near your place and enjoy each other’s company. 



For both: Clothing, phone accessories, soap, home displays or food. Do-it-yourself is everywhere! Pinterest is just waiting for you once you decided to go DIY! Unleash that creativity in you and prove that “It’s the thought that counts”. Ps: This can also save you some cash.



Whichever you choose, simply enjoy this season and spread some love!

By Rubie @ Palmera