Oversized and On Trend

In today’s fashion arena, accessories come in two sizes: big and bigger!

It’s not often you’ll hear “chic” and “oversized” in the same sentence, but when it comes to accessories, proportions are definitely favoured on the larger side.

In a time where fashions are heavily dictated by celebrity endorsers, accessories allow wearers to showcase personal style and individuality where colour (silver or gold?), aesthetics (boho, polished, femme?) and layering (all or none?) all play their part. Despite your accessory preferences, one thing is for sure, bigger is definitely better!

Bags are bulging; necklaces are statement; earrings are chandelier-sized; and shoes are sky-high. In a time where accessories do all the talking, it’s no surprise that the watch arena has followed suit. Delicate and dainty options are making way for oversized shapes and masculine influences where bloggers, fashion influencers and designers are opting for “simple but statement” when it comes to their timepiece.

Influencers such as Amanda Shadforth (@oraclefox), Kaitlyn Ham (@kaity_modern) and Sara Donaldson (@harperandharley) are well versed in the oversized trend where a mix of simple, minimal and androgynous fashion pieces are further complimented by their contemporary watch choices.

With millions of followers between them, these stylish ladies have customers forming cues for brands such The Horse, Daniel Wellington and Palmera Apparel where simple leather bands balance king-sized watch faces and minimalist tendencies prevail.

These bold timepieces are the perfect accompaniment to any casual outfit with neutral colour palettes and a variety of metals in play. Depending on your budget and preferences, Palmera Apparel proves to be both cost-effective and competitive with top of the range materials sold at minimal prices.

With Gold Coast influences and subtle beach vibes (Palmera is Spanish for “Palm Tree”), this local label is proof that “bigger is better” both in and out of the surf.

By Annabel Falco

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