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The Leather Companion

Forget luxury leather bags, shoes and accessories, this season all eyes are on the functional (and now fashionable) wallet.

Palmera Apparel Slim Leather Card Wallet Holder - RFID Blocking

It’s the one item we can’t leave the house without yet it is the one item that often gets overlooked when it comes to “quality not quantity”. Encasing our most precious of possessions (cash, cards, ID), 2016 has seen the resurgence of simplicity where life’s key players such as a classic timepiece, fashion basics, and now the wallet, have risen to the fashion forefront.

This season is all about stripping down, pairing back and focusing on what’s important: great cuts, quality materials, interesting designs and longevity. In a time where Sport Luxe aesthetics reign supreme and “investing” in fashion is of utmost importance, it’s little wonder the unassuming wallet has undergone a stylish transformation.

Gone are the bulky layers, Velcro strips, plastic hardware and fluoro embellishments and, in their place, remain quality leathers, sleek compartments and embossed detailing.

Fashionable men and women are finally taking their small goods seriously and designers, retailers and brands are paying attention.

Gold Coast label Palmera Apparel has been championing the ‘minimalist’ wallet trend for some time now where the “bulk” of the traditional wallet has been replaced with barely there credit card companions. A winning combination of quality leather, neutral colour ways and compact compartments, these androgynous accessories are selling fast with the humble price tag of $35.

As technology continues to develop and the need for necessary items such as cards, cash and identification diminishes, our new and improved (and smaller) wallets are a friendly reminder that tangible essentials are few and far between. Like our diets, wallets have undergone a detox and the end result is the perfect fusion of fashion and ultimate function.

By Annabel Falco